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At UK Structures we offer the full range of building services. Although we are specialists in renovation and restoration techniques we are also fully qualified and capable of completing work on new projects and modern properties. Call us today on 0161 443 3000   or Email us on  INFO@ UKSTRUCTURES.CO.UK 

Damp proofing, Timber Treatment/repairs & Property Maintenance Services

 All our technicians are full qualified tradesmen and experts in damp proofing and timber infestation and can determine whether you have a wet rot or dry rot issue within the property.  Once our surveyor has visited the premises he will advise you on a solution to rectify any issues and will quote accordingly.    We have many years in the industry, which has led to a high demand all aspects of building and maintenance works services.  All of the tradesmen we employ are experts in this field and offer sympathetic and complementary solutions to the problem of refurbishment and modernisation of older properties. 

Structural Repairs

We use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure the highest standards of work carried out by our team and to provide for the longevity of the buildings we treat and repair. The range of structural repairs we offer includes masonry cracking, installation of cavity wall ties, restraint strapping, subsidence repairs, Lintel replacement and settlement repairs. 

Attic/Basement Conversions

Making space for new additions to the family or changing circumstances need not involve the turmoil and stress of moving home. Utilising the available space in your property to maximum effect can be achieved more easily than ever before and at very competitive rates. whether you need the room for a home office, a new bedroom or nursery, UK Structures will complete the work to our usual exacting standards in a timely and efficient manner so that you can improve your home with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Roof & Chimney Repairs

Missing tiles and holes in the roof need immediate attention before they allow leaks to further compromise and damage the timber frame and structure below. We can offer our clients a fast solution with repairs and gutter work carried out by our highly professional team of builders from sourcing the correct materials to fitting them on site, we take care of all the hard work.